John Hebb - Artist - Illustrator - Graphic Designer - Photographer - Paper Sculptor
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John Hebb - Artist
John Hebb - Artist I have always drawn. I remember endlessly drawing Batman and Superman from the 50's and 60's DC comics together with the Disney characters of the day. Also cutting intricate paper patterns from large sheets of paper.

After Secondary school where I ran an art club, I passed the entrance exam for Salford School of Art, then part of Salford Technical College.

This was a four year full time course with 3 night classes until 9-00pm, including friday night. The course encapsulated Graphic Design, Illustration, Life Drawing, Photography, Model Making, Calligraphy, History of Art, Paper Sculpture and Print Making and probably others I have forgotten.

After passing the college Associateship at the end of the course I then worked for several large Manchester Advertising Agencies and Art Studios
In 1972 I opened Comprehensive Art Services in the centre of Manchester with my partner Stewart Beckett.

We had an impressive client base ranging from Brewery's, City Centre Agency's, International Recording Artists, Manufacturing Engineers, National Structural Engineers & Builders and a large selection of the Manchester Club Scene.

This was per-computer when everything was done on the drawing board as full colour illustrations and camera ready colour separated flat artwork.

This lasted for 23 years when the introduction of computers and rising rates and rent meant it became time for a change.

In 1995 the partnership split amicable when we both started seperate businesses. I started trading as Traditional & Computer Art Services.

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