Vic the Tawny Owlet: This is our first ever rescue, a 3 week old Tawny Owl.
Turbary Woods
Vic the Tawny Owlet

Vic The Tawny Owlet

Vic the Tawny Owlet

This is our first ever rescue, a 3 week old Tawny Owl.

He was brought into us by a well meaning member of the public who found him in the middle of the road in Crook (Cumbria). Instead of placing him carefully at the side of the road out of danger, he made the mistake of taking him home and trying to feed him all sorts of unsuitable things.

After a few days he rang us and we managed to nurse the bird back to health.

Unfortunatley Vic had by then become imprinted on humans and was not suitable to be re-released back into the wild. Vic comes on outside displays and educational events were we inform the public about the plight of young owls, especially Tawnies who leave the nest early and still not able to fly yet, to be left alone as the parents are never far away looking out for them.

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