Turbary Woods Owl And Bird Sanctuary Preston Lancashire: Opening Times and Admission Prices.
Turbary Woods
Opening Times

Opening Times and Admission Prices

Opening Times
All Year Round: 10.30am - 3.30pm

Open All Year Round

Flying Displays Daily
12:30pm Weekdays
12.30pm Weekends and School Holidays

Weather Permitting

Owl & Hawk, Flying & Experience Days
For Prices & details: See Owl and Hawk Experience Day »

Admission Prices
Adults £10
Children £5
O.A.P. £5
Amateur Photographers: Extra £5

Turbary Woods Owl And Bird Sanctuary, Preston Lancashire

We are funded by the small admission fee’s and the sponsorship of local businesses’s and public donations which are essential towards the cost of the upkeep and running of the sanctuary and also the vet’s fees which we incur when treating the sick and injured birds which we take in and treat in our secluded isolation aviaries.